Guest Post: Author Julie Thiessen

The author of Pen Pal Gals: Friends Forever discusses the art and joy of writing letters.

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I’m so glad you asked about pen pals! I spent a great amount of time talking to kids about pen pals before branding Pen Pal Gals stationery gift set and creating the story for my book. When speaking with kids, I asked if they knew what a pen pal was or if they had heard of pen pals? I wasn’t surprised to find that the answer was “ no.” It became apparent to me that pen pals were really something from our past more so than present in the lives of our children.  

I wanted to inspire kids to communicate to their friends and loved ones by writing letters…

All of my adult friends are well aware of what a pen pal is; in fact many of my own friends have fond memories of their own pen pal experience. Our children cannot relate. This really boosted my motivation to re-educate children on this concept; a fun way to keep in touch with friends. I wanted to inspire kids to communicate to their friends and loved ones by writing letters and sharing thoughts or a note about their day.  

My own daughter Reese, was my inspiration as she began to send letters back and forth to her cousin, creating a friendship pact. The anticipation of receiving her very own mail at the age of 8 was wonderful!

The art of writing letters is never lost, I think it just needs to be taught and promoted to our children as they learn to write. I am a mom of three children and have seen the overall admiration and excitement children have when learning to write. This is a beautiful thing! Writing your very own letter to a friend is fun and to see the educational development and learning become their admiration is pure joy. I adore writing and hope I can inspire others to continue to read, write and stay connected to those near and far.

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