Guest Post: Author Karen Bobos

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Bring Magic to Children on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, like all holidays, is a big deal in the Bobos house.  I’m a firm believer in bringing magic to my children’s lives, no matter what the day is.  Holidays just give us an extra excuse to celebrate and have fun with a theme.  My grandmother always said, “If you’re not having fun in life, it’s your own fault.” It saddens me to hear how people will say that a birthday or even Valentine’s Day is just another day. It’s like they are purposely choosing to not enjoy the day.

When asked why I would think of writing a Valentine’s book for children, it’s actually quite simple.  First of all, my children asked me to write a Valentine’s Day book.  So, I knew the demand was there.  Secondly, it’s a day all about love.  The purpose of my books is to spread love and help children find happiness.  A Valentine’s Day themed book was the perfect fit.

My husband is the love of my life.  We value our time together.  He’s always telling me that he loves me and our daughters.  It’s a rare occasion that I don’t have fresh red roses in the home; he makes sure of it.  Every Saturday night is date night, whether at home or out.  It’s a designated day of the week for us to focus on us.  Our love is the foundation for our family.  I spent 32 years of my life looking for that rare gem.  He was well worth the wait.  

My children are used to seeing our romance.  It’s very natural to them.  When my husband kisses me in front of them, they smile.  I hope they are learning how to have a man treat them.  They often talk about their future husbands, their weddings, and going to dinner with a future boyfriend.  

The purpose of my books is to spread love and help children find happiness.

I think it’s very important to include in children’s books examples of grownups in healthy relationships with people (creatures in my stories) that they love.  In Love is in the Air, a love spell takes over the land of Harmony on Valentine’s Day. Many of the couples were already celebrating at a fancy restaurant. Once they are touched by the spell, the romance is heightened. The King lifts the Queen and starts spinning her and calling her “my love” in French. Russell the Swan takes the microphone from the band and starts serenading his wife, Diana the Swan. The owner of the restaurant’s husband bursts through the door to kiss his wife.   Karl the Crocodile is busy working that evening at his coffee shop and ends up spending the evening kissing his wife’s picture behind the pastry display.  

Harmony is a magical land full of love. It’s just about time that Love is in the Air

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