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Welcome to the Writer with Wanderlust stop on the May I Suggest Giveaway Hop hosted by Stuck in Books. I’m glad to have the opportunity to share some great kid lit books for this blog hop. May I suggest…

An Interactive Picture Book for Preschoolers – The Scared Book by Debra Tidball


In this clever picture book, children help to rid the book of monsters by flicking, blowing and smudging them away. It’s a sheer delight to see kids engage with the not-too-scary monsters in this story.

An Environmentally-conscious Chapter Book for New Readers – Lost and Found, Book 2 in the MySeaBuddies Series by Sharon Powers


The SeaBuddies Series brings together an incredible cast of sea creatures having amazing underwater adventures. In this, the second book of the series, the lovable sea turtle Fletcher helps save his friend from an eco disaster.

A Laugh-out-loud Middle Grade Novel for kids 8 – 12 – Dr. Boogaloo and the Girl Who Lost Her Laughter by Lisa Nicol


You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll laugh some more in this highly original, touching and did I mention funny story about a little girl finding her laughter through music. A delightful read.

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Blog Tour + Guest Post + Giveaway: Ralphie, Always Loved

 Title: Ralph, Always Loved | Author: Andrea Yerramilli | Illustrator: Samantha Van Riet | Category: Children’s Fiction | Genre: Picture Book | Publisher: About Something Good, LLC | Release date: October 28, 2017

This is the story of the life, love, and adventures of a beloved family dog, and how he delighted and touched his family and everyone he met.

Ralphie was born with a heart on his belly.

He loves food, his family, his friends, his neighbors.

He loves pretty much everything and everyone.

And they love him back.

And that’s how it is all through his life.

Read the book and fall in love with him too.

Rambunctious and hyperactive, Ralphie had already been returned to the animal shelter three times, but when Andrea and her husband adopted him and gave him a loving home where he was understood, accepted, and taught, he learned fast. As Ralphie’s human family grew, so did his capacity for love and the ways he could express it. He remained a loving and beloved family member who touched the hearts of the whole neighborhood until he was ready to say goodbye at the grand-old age of sixteen. Ralph, Always Loved will remind you of all that is good, and reaffirm your belief in love’s power to uplift and transform. Follow the tour by visiting Andrea Yerramilli’s page on iRead Book Tours.

Buy the Book:

Guest Post: Signs of Being Always Loved by Andrea Yerramilli

When I wrote the children’s picture book Ralphie, Always Loved, the story of my dog Ralphie, instead of beginning from the point when I met him for the first time, I chose to begin where I imagined how Ralphie got to be my Ralphie. He was a black dog, with white paws, a streak of white on his nose, a white-tipped tail, and a perfectly drawn white heart on his belly. I believed that the only way he could have come by those markings was if he was up in heaven, painting clouds just before he was born. And I imagined that when his earthly life was over, he would go back to exactly where he left off. After Ralphie passed on, I imagined that he was painting clouds and found myself looking up at the clouds for signs from him. And I’ve found them: heart-shaped clouds. Sometime it’s the cloud itself, and sometimes it’s in the sky between the clouds that makes a distinctive heart. Ralphie’s first birthday after he had passed was extremely difficult for me. I was missing him terribly and remembered the wonderful celebration we’d had for his sixteenth birthday a year before. I could not stop the tears. Something made me step out onto my deck and look up at the sky . . . and there it was, two clouds that, together, were shaped like a broken heart. The clouds seemed to be a message from Ralphie, who recognized that on this day—his first birthday apart from me in sixteen years—my heart was breaking. I think he wanted to let me know that he was okay and that I would be too. Of course, it could all be in my imagination, but it doesn’t matter. These signs help me and remind me that I’m always loved, just as I’ll always love Ralphie. I truly believe that those we deeply love never really leave us. They stay on in our memories and are Always Loved. And I often see hearts in the clouds to remind me of that fact.

Meet the Author: Andrea has always been an avid reader and that jumpstarted her imagination at a very early age. In fact she escaped to the Land of Make Believe more often than her mother liked. 

She is a former marketing professional who is a mom to kids both with and without fur. Andrea says that it helps to have one foot planted firmly in reality while the other is foot loose and fancy-free in Imagination Land. She enjoys the best of both worlds. In 2013, Andrea and her husband started About Something Good (ASG) as a vehicle to curate, inspire and share goodness in the world. In a world where negative images flood the media, and words like “hate” get tossed around so easily, Andrea felt she needed a space that encouraged and focused on the words like “love” and the beauty that is life.

Andrea is committed to finding the good in everything and believes: that a sense of belonging to someone’s heart is what makes us feel complete, that kindness goes a long way, and that keeping your mind and heart open can help when things happen that you don’t understand.
Andrea lives in New Jersey with her husband and children.
Connect with the author: Website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook ~ Instagram


Giveaway: Click HERE to enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway for a print copy of Ralph, Always Loved and a $15 Amazon Gift Card. Open to residents of the USA only.  Ends May 12, 2018.


Happy Valentiny Day ❤️

It’s the 3rd Annual Valentiny Writing Contest from Susanna Leonard Hill, picture book writer extraordinaire. This year’s theme is ‘with a hopeful heart’. Here’s my attempt at the challenge and entry for the contest.

The Note
Stephanie Ward
Word Count: 212

Olivia carefully wrote with her sparkly red pen and folded the valentine just so. She glanced at Miss Crabapple and then tossed it to Aidan.

Just then, Emma stretched out a yawn and the note caught in her long, curly hair.

Emma pulled the card from her curls and read it. Then she giggled and passed it to Mateo.

Mateo loves a good secret. He opened the note and scanned the class. Then he passed it to Nora.

When Nora read the valentine, she blushed from head to toe and dropped it on the floor.

Levi snapped it up, folded it into a paper airplane and sent it flying.

Connor fell out of his chair trying to catch it. Miss Crabapple heard that and sent Connor to a time out in the corner.

Chelsea snatched the paper off Connor’s desk. She whispered to Maggie, but Maggie didn’t know who wrote it. So, Chelsea tossed it over her head.

It landed in front of Hannah’s nose. She looked up, read it, and smiled at Olivia. Then she gave the note to Aidan.

Aidan opened the note and read: “Will you be my valentine?” He smiled and wrote something. Then he handed it back to Olivia.

Olivia slowly opened the valentine and read: “Always.”

♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

Join in the fun by posting a story on your own blog that’s 214 words or less by the 14th of February and then sharing the link on the contest page. There are fabulous prizes available including critiques by publishers and authors as well as writerly resources. Most importantly, it’s fun.

Hope you all have a lovely Valentiny Day!

World Read Aloud Day – Feb. 1, 2018


World Read Aloud Day is just around the corner and as an aspiring children’s author, I love the idea of celebrating the joy (as well as many other benefits) that comes from reading together with a child. It’s also such an easy event to participate it — all you need is a book, your voice and some time. But if you want to plan something special, here are some helpful links to create a memorable World Read Aloud Day event.

First, why not register at, the founders of #WorldReadAloudDay and show your support?

If you are a teacher or librarian, check out how Microsoft is supporting the day with #WRADSkype by connecting classrooms around the globe to share stories live.

This year, World Read Aloud Day coincides with Harry Potter Book Night. Download the Harry Potter Book Night Planner for everything from games and activities, event space decoration ideas and even pre-made tweets to announce your event.


Authors can participate in Skype sessions with classrooms by signing up to Kate Messner’s list and being listed as available for short readings on World Read Aloud Day.

It’s not only about the kids. Join Care UK to find a senior home in your area and read or discuss favorite books together.

There are local events happening with authors and bookstores around the world. Check for local listings and feel free to add to the post with reading events in your area. Here are just a few to join or to find some ideas for your own celebration…

There is so much going on! I’ll be reading Lost and Found by Sharon Powers, the second book in the My Sea Buddies adventure series, with my six year old. Let me (and the world) know what you’ll be reading for World Read Aloud Day in the comments.

Happy World Read Aloud Day!



Blog Tour + Giveaway: Purple Turtle Graded Readers, Level 3

Title: Purple Turtle Graded Readers Level 3 (12 Titles) | Category: Children’s Fiction | Genre: Educational | Publisher: Aadarsh Pvt. Ltd. | Release date: April 1, 2017

Description: A1 Edutainment is all set to take you on an adventurous journey to the amazing world of Purple Turtle and his friends. Purple Turtle Graded Readers by A1 Edutainment is a new reading program especially for emerging readers. The third level includes a set of 12 books with engaging stories and fun-filled activities. It is based on the Lexile and ATOS reading level system and has a word count of 250-350. This level is for learners who have started reading with confidence.

My thoughts: Purple Turtle Graded Readers are a fun tool to supplement school reading activities. The third level features “longer stories with complex sentences and enriched vocabulary”. The Level 3 set written by Imogen Kingsley includes longer stories with titles such as So Many Jobs!, The Big Birthday Calendar, Many Kinds of Homes, Melody’s Magic Show and The Rhyme Game. With a wide variety of topics and options for children to choose, there is sure to be multiple titles that appeal to each child. The bright an colorful illustrations compliment the simple text on each page and include clues to help young readers figure out what is happening in the story. My five-year-old who is reading at an above average Kindergarten level pushed through the Level 3 readers and found many familiar sight words throughout the slightly challenging books. I also appreciated the little extras such as an option on the title page of each book to tick your achievement level which includes Read Along, Read Aloud and Read Alone and games such as mazes and matching activities. To read more reviews, please visit Purple Turtle’s page on iRead Book Tours.
Buy the Boxed Set at Amazon.
Watch one of the book trailers:
Meet the Publisher: Purple Turtle is India’s 1st International brand with its educational content in several languages sold in more than 30 countries including Russia, China, US and UK. The character of Purple Turtle has delighted children across the globe through beautifully created Purple Turtle books, rhymes and videos available on YouTube.
Purple Turtle was created with the idea to spread education through a wide range of innovative books for children. To give them the experience of convenient online learning, Purple Turtle also brings both learning and entertainment on a common platform to give a wholesome learning experience to young minds.


Connect with the publisher: Website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook

Giveaway: Enter to win one of 10 trolleys that contain 5 Purple Turtle books (ends Dec 2). Good luck!

Book Blast + Giveaway: The Wondrous World of Violet Barnaby

The Wondrous World of Violet Barnaby

Violet Barnaby searches for the joy in life after losing her mother in this sweet and funny follow-up to The Charming Life of Izzy Malone.

Violet Barnaby is a having a blue Christmas. She’s still grieving the loss of her mother, and to make things worse, her dad has just married Melanie Harmer, a.k.a. the meanest teacher at Dandelion Hollow Middle School. But on the day Violet and her dad are packing up and moving into the new house they’ll share with Melanie and Melanie’s two children, Violet finds a letter her mother wrote to her before she died, asking Violet to enjoy Christmas, along with a Christmas Wish List—things her mom wants her to do during the holiday season. On the list are exactly the kinds of things Violet doesn’t want to do this year, like Be Someone’s Secret Santa; Give Someone the Gift of Your Time: Volunteer; and Bake Christmas Cookies.

Violet shows the letter to her friend Izzy’s Aunt Mildred, who calls a meeting of the Charm Girls, a club Izzy and Violet belong to along with their friends, Daisy and Sophia. Aunt Mildred decides she will give them each a charm to put on their bracelet if they do all of the tasks on the Christmas Wish List, which Violet is not too happy about. She’d rather forget about the list completely, but feels compelled to honor her mother’s wishes.

And when Izzy’s crush confides a big secret to Violet, Violet feels like she is stuck between her best friend and the boy who she just might have a crush on, too…

Praise for The Wondrous World of Violet Barnaby

“[an] emotionally perceptive novel of grief and recovery.” – Kirkus

You’ll fall in love with Violet and love every minute of living in her wondrous world! – Stephanie Faris

Amazon * Barnes & Noble * IndieBound

Author Jenny Lundquist

Jenny Lundquist was born and raised in Huntington Beach, California, where she spent her time unsuccessfully learning how to surf. When she was younger, she wanted to be either a rock star or a published author. After she taped herself singing and listened to it on playback she decided she’d better opt for the writing route. Jenny is the author of multiple YA and Middle Grade titles including Seeing Cinderella, The Charming Life of Izzy Malone, The Wondrous World of Violet Barnaby and the forthcoming The Carnival of Wishes and Dreams (2019).

Website * Facebook * Twitter

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