Book Review + Giveaway: Gallant, The Call of the Trail

Title: Gallant: The Call of the Trail | Author:Claire Eckard | Category: YA (Fiction)| Publisher: Mill City Press | Release date: September 2021

Book Description:A gripping journey of a young girl and a foal who are raised together in The Valley of Hearts Delight. Gallant and Gracie have a special bond, rarely seen between a human and a horse. Separated by a bad accident when Gallant is five, each gets a second chance of happiness pursuing the long-distance sport of endurance riding, neither knowing they are leading parallel lives. Will Fate bring them together again? Gallant’s arch nemesis, The Almighty Flash, threatens to destroy all that Gallant has worked for. His misguided ambition and greed, developed at the hands of an abusive owner, has created a darkness in his soul that turns to blind fury when his endurance career is threatened.
My Thoughts: Gallant: The Call of the Trail is an atmospheric story about a horse-loving girl, a horse that has more than raw talent and the thrill of long-distance, endurance horse racing. With an unbreakable bond at its core, the story of Gracie and Gallant is bittersweet as circumstances beyond their control bring them together and pull them apart. The author shows her deep knowledge of horses, riding and training as the pages of the book are filled with vivid details about horses from meticulous grooming and thoughtful caretaking to specific training techniques and facts about the various builds of horse breeds. Most unique is the dual perspective giving readers a glimpse into the minds of horses and giving explanations for various temperaments. The story also educates readers on the sport of endurance racing — a long distance horse race that involves various terrain, a broad range of riding techniques and a regulated health check system for horses are riders. Anyone interested in horses, especially those with experience, will appreciate the factual details and sweeping descriptions of horse-related activities.

Meet the Author:

Award winning Author Claire Eckard combines her love of writing with her passion for animals to create memorable children’s books that are fun to read, but also include valuable life’s lessons. Claire grew up in England and moved to Hawaii in her early twenties where she married her husband of thirty-four years. Together they raised two sons, Mitchell and Matthew. Claire is inspired by her two Granddaughters Mila and Ella, as well as the beautiful backdrop of the Arizona mountains where she lives. Claire has a farm full of animals, and has spent many years as a board member and volunteer of her local animal shelter.
Connect with the Author::  website ~ facebook ~ instagram ~ goodreads
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