Book Review + Giveaway: Letter Sounds Abound

Title: Letter Sounds Abound | Author: Catherine S. Young | Illustrator: Victoria Gesner | Genre: Picture Book | Publisher: Practice Readers Books | ISBN: 9781778066702

Book Description: Letter Sounds Abound is a friendly alphabet book that highlights big ideas about how written language works for preschool and kindergarten children. It focuses on the most common letter-sound relationships while helping children tune in to the fact that letters can make different sounds in different situations to avoid confusion for beginners. The rhyming text makes it fun for parents to read to their children time and again, while simple line drawings inspire imagination without competing for attention with text.

Practice Readers Books

My Thoughts: As a writer of children’s books, I spend a lot of time thinking about language, word choices and how words sound. And I love to read about words and how they work together. So Letter Sounds Abound was a very welcome surprise — a book that teaches the sounds of the alphabet in a whole new way for children who are just starting to grasp the wonderful world of words. The rhyming text makes this a fun book to read together while the repetition of letter sounds reinforces the phonetics in the English language. The line drawn illustrations are simple and engaging for children to look at as they turn the pages. This is a perfect choice for young children just starting to read.

Twenty-six letters and forty-four sounds, the more that we look, we find letters abound!

About the Author: Catherine S. Young has spent her career putting research insights into practice across the spheres of education, public health, and electronics. The proud mother of three delightful developing readers, she founded Practice Readers Books to provide evidence-aligned books to support the unique needs of fledgling readers (and their parents) at school and at home.

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About the Illustrator: Victoria Gesner (Pelletier) is an artist and educator based in Fredericton, New Brunswick. She believes in making literacy and art affordable and accessible to all.

You can find some of her other artwork at Femme des Fleurs Art at

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A sincere thank you to the author and publisher for a copy of this book. I reviewed this book in partnership with The Children’s Book Review and Practice Readers Books.