Guest Post: Author Reena Korde Pagnoni

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Have you ever wondered why kids love stories they’ve heard a million times?

When my two oldest children Ryan and Madelyn (now 11 and 10 years old) were younger, I would take them to the library every week. I’ve always loved books – especially picture books, so to have so many of them in one place, and all free to check out, made the library my happy place with my kids. I was that crazy mom who would check out 20-25 books at times because we would read 3 books a night. While others starred at my pile of books on the counter, I didn’t care. I was consumed with happy thoughts of my kids smiling little faces engaged in whichever book I was to read them that night.

…there was something comforting about repeating a story that they’d heard a million times.

Whatever the story, whatever the adventure, the kids would sit enthralled in the pictures, their little imaginations running wild. My kids always wanted me to read them 3 books at night. Two “new” books we brought home from the library that week and one of their favorites that we’d read a million times. They were always excited and intrigued by a new story, but there was something comforting about repeating a story that they’d heard a million times. When I began writing The Rambee Boo Series, I thought about those nights a lot. I thought about how excited a new adventure or the unknown can be while ending the night with the security and familiarity of an old book was just as important. This was one of the reasons I decided to write my series in rhyming and repetition.

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