Guest Post: Author Jenn Carson

The author of Dragons Don’t Dance Ballet discusses her path to publication and offers inspiration for writers

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I have been writing for almost 18 years. I started when my youngest was nursing, often typing with one hand, while my 2-year-old napped. That was in 2004 that I began writing in earnest with the end-goal of being published. My first book, inspired by a questioning 7-year-old, was published 5 years later. It took another 5 years to publish my second book, with a degree in creative writing, the raising of four boys, my own sewing pattern design business, and a part time job, weaved into and throughout all of that. During that time though I really learned to hone my craft, and my discerning eye led me to a position as a lead imprint editor for a medium size publishing house. While that job only lasted about three years due to the company being bought out by a larger company and forthwith canceling many of our upcoming titles, I learned a great deal in the position and am so grateful to have had the opportunity.

That opportunity and learning though, also opened and solidified my path to being a hybrid author. There are some stories that deserve to have the author’s thumbprint on the whole package, while others I am willing to use as sacrifices to the “traditional” publishing path in order to grow my audience. I have also expanded my name recognition through the writing and directing of plays—some that are based on my novels, like To Find A Wonder, and Hapenny Magick, both of which are produced stage musicals. Writing the stage versions really brought out the important parts of the story, so when I republished To Find A Wonder in 2019, I put some of the great things from the stage play into the novel. When writing, you only get better with age and experience—kind of like a fine wine.

I have recently also started writing a movie script with a writing friend. I edited her first book through the editing house I worked for and we made an amazing team then…we make an even better team now. My hope is that one day soon you’ll see my name in those credits—and for those of you who are writers still pursuing that publishing dream, the key is perseverance!

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