Guest Post: Author Patricia Allieri

The author of picture book, Aqua Paws, discusses her inspiration for the story and her goals in sharing her message about ocean pollution with children.

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In July 2021, my family took a beach vacation to Destin, Florida — a picturesque town surrounded by emerald green-colored waters and snow-colored white sand beaches. With careful planning, it was the most amazing seven-day trip ever. We were our tour guides. As we paddle boarded in the morning, the ocean was crystal clear. We saw dolphins, sea anemones, and fish. As far as my eyes could see, I noticed a soda can shining through the ocean water. I whispered to my grandson, “Let us pick up this trash. Bin it, so our ocean is clean.” At this point, that is what we did! 

My love of the sea, animals, and a clean ocean environment is undeniable. Even though I live in Texas, I have grown a greater appreciation for our oceans, sea life, and the environment. I visit a Florida Panhandle beach every summer now. Destin is just one beach town with many more to explore and be inspired by. I hope to have more adventures on different coasts. 

I was an elementary school educator in a public school system. I attended a book read-aloud at the library, watching this author read out loud his picture book. The students were very focused and inspired. I never stopped thinking about that day. I thought, even though my story is fictional, it addresses the importance of respecting the world around us. I can write a picture book and create a simple informative message that kiddos can relate to. Giving children hope, accepting others, making a difference, and caring for each other and the environment. 

For more information about the author and her new picture book, visit Book Review + Giveaway: Aqua Paws.

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