Introducing Clownfish Aren’t Funny! & Don’t Laugh Giraffe!

I’m very excited to announce the publication of my latest children’s books — two new books in a brand new genre — both releasing into the world today! Clownfish Aren’t Funny! and Don’t Laugh Giraffe! are humorous, rhyming board books with a sensory toy designed into the pages.

Title: Clownfish Aren’t Funny! & Don’t Laugh Giraffe!  | Author: Stephanie Ward | Illustrator: Carrie Hennon & Brad Hunt | Genre: Board Book | Publisher: Imagine That | Release Date: February 1, 2023

Clownfish Aren’t Funny!

In this funny story about a clownfish making new friends, there’s an innovative silicone popper fidget toy for little hands to push, pop, and explore on each page as the rhyming story is read aloud. This tactile book offers a fun reading experience for young readers and aids development of concentration. The “Push and Pop” toy and funny illustrations in the book are perfect for sensory story time fun! Available on Amazon. (ISBN: 9781801056533)

Don’t Laugh Giraffe!

In this wildly funny book about a grumpy giraffe, the popper fidget toy allows little hands to explore each page while listening to the story. Great for interactive reading fun, the bubble pattern on the giraffe’s silicone “Push and Pop” tummy can be pushed and popped again and again for hours of sensory play. Perfect for reducing stress and anxiety through quiet and focused play. Available on Amazon. (ISBN: 9781801056540)

Written for babies and toddlers (aged 0-2), board books are often a child’s first introduction to reading. The books are printed on thick card stock and are highly illustrated, sometimes with areas to touch or push. When I was approached to write these stories, I was thrilled to jump on board, especially since one of the titles is about my favorite animal, the giraffe!

I can’t wait to get my own hands on these new titles! If you see them out in the wild, I’d love to hear your thoughts or see a photo of them on a bookshelf, so please do let me know in the comments below.

Stay tuned for more book news COMING SOON!

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