Book Review: There’s a Dinosaur in the Toilet!

Title: There’s a Dinosaur in the Toilet | Author: Horace Hughes | Illustrator: Horace Hughes | Category: Picture Book | Publisher: Horace Hughes Books | Release date: June 2022

Book Description: Danny is a small boy who makes an extraordinary discovery on a visit to the bathroom! How will he and his mom cope with their new arrival? What lessons can they learn about making friends with people who don’t look quite like you. Get ready to giggle your way through this rhyming, heartwarming tale of friendship.

A laugh-out-loud story that’s beautifully illustrated and helps young readers learn about friendship, loneliness and being kind to those who don’t look like you.

My Thoughts: When Dan finds a tiny, orange dinosaur floating in the toilet, he calls for his mother. Together, they care for the lost creature and soon discover where he came from. Can the little dino find a new friend in this strange place?

Almost every young child goes through the dinosaur phase and dreams of discovering a real one. Children will easily relate to the joy and care that young Dan shows when finding a cute, little dinosaur in his very own toilet. Humour abounds in the rollicking, rhyming text that’s fun for both adults and children to read aloud.

The illustrations are fantastic with intricate patterns (tiles and wallpaper) and textures (wood grain and textiles) with a wonderful array of colours. They perfectly suit the story and are a pleasure to peruse. 

With a wholly-unique premise, There’s a Dinosaur in the Toilet! brings humour and thoughtfulness together with lovable characters.

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