Guest Post: Author Arlene Freeman

The author of picture book, Cool Kids, talks about the importance of recognizing feelings across all ages.

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The one thing I realized in life was that we are all about feelings. It is important to be aware of people’s feelings as well as your own.  This permeated much of my life.  When I was a third grade school teacher, I tried an experiment with a new entering class.  I announced to my students one day that everyone’s grade was an A.  I also promised that with their help I would try to get them to maintain that grade.  That idea generated such enthusiasm, positive feelings and excitement, that I continued this practice for several years.

Later in life, when I became president of the Beth Israel Hospital Auxiliary, I knew it was absolutely important to show appreciation for those who donated time and money for this worthy cause.  I always recognized and thanked people for a job well done and respected them for their efforts.  Recognizing them in such a positive way made them feel good. We not only raised money, but also did outreach programs for teenagers and young children.  One program was about all the hospital careers that were part of a hospital community. Another was alleviating fears of children entering a hospital setting. It was our intention to make children feel comfortable and informed about a hospital. In general, making people feel good was so important and my years as a volunteer made me feel great.

It is important to be aware of people’s feelings as well as your own. 

In today’s society, another topic involving feelings became important: Bullying. School systems developed programs about this. Why do children become bullies, and does this in any way have something to do with feelings?  Studies have shown they do. Many books have been written about this and I decided that one more wouldn’t hurt, so I wrote Cool Kids.

I hope I sent a message that a bully is never a cool kid.

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