Guest Post: Author Marlene M. Bell

I love when authors “think different” (as Apple would say, though I really feel it should be differentLY). This interview with one of the main characters in Mia and Nattie: One Great Team! just happens to be a lamb. An entertaining way of introducing readers to her adorable book.

An Interview with Nattie about Texas

Marlene asks: “How did you like the ride in the trailer to Texas?”

Natalie: “I had the best trip ever! The big ewes were in another trailer. I rode with the younger lambs. We had our guard with us, too. Spice, the huge, white guard dog sat in our trailer for the two-day trip. I felt safe with her inside.”

Marlene: “Two days? That’s a long time in the trailer.”

Natalie: “We came from Shafter, California, about 1500 miles from Big Sandy, Texas where we are now. It wasn’t so bad. We stopped a lot for breaks and snacks. The floor was covered in soft hay and we had lots of room. There were 120 of us, you know. We were divided between three trailers. One giant double-decker stock trailer, an 18-foot trailer with all of the new moms and tiny lambs, and my trailer had older lambs inside.”

Marlene: “What’s it like in Texas? Do you like Texas better than California?”

Natalie: “Yes, yes! Texas is better for sheep. We didn’t have much grass in California. It’s called irrigated pasture there. That’s when a pump opens up at one end of the field and water comes bubbling out of the ground. That water costs extra money. Not like the kind of water we get in Texas. Rain falls out of the sky for free here. When we came to Texas, we had 80 inches of rain that first year! In California we were lucky to get a couple inches of rain. Sometimes, we didn’t see that much.”

Marlene: “Natalie, what do you do in Texas?”

Natalie: “At first, I didn’t have a for sure place to live. I’m not as big as the other sheep my age, but I tried to hang out with the flock. The main group is called a flock. It wasn’t long before I was moved to graze near the main house. It was an okay place, but boring. I missed being with the other sheep.”

Marlene: “What happened then?”

Natalie: “Once the flock started to have new babies again in September, I took care of the little ones with problems.”

Marlene: “Problems?”

Natalie: “Not a problem for me! Where a triplet lamb can’t get enough milk from their moms, or something happened to the mom and an orphan lamb needs a friend. That is my job. I watch out for the little lambs who need a lift when they don’t have their momma.”

Marlene: “I see. If you could go back to the place where you were born in California, would you?”

Natalie: “No way. I like it here. They say, “Everything’s bigger in Texas.” The bugs are bigger and so are the snakes, but for a sheep, the wide-open pastures with lots of grass is the best ever.”

For more information about Marlene M. Bell and her latest book, Mia and Nattie: One Great Team, plus a chance to WIN an autographed copy of the book, cuddly toy and a $50 Amazon gift card, visit my earlier post Blog Tour + Giveaway: Mia and Nattie.

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