Guest Post: Todd M. Zimmermann on the Best Part of Being an Author

A peek behind the scenes of life as an author with Todd M. Zimmermann, author of Oliver the Ornament.

What is the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is interacting with customers who’ve read my books and tell me stories of their own family traditions and collections of ornaments.

Shortly after I released Oliver the Ornament, I started getting e-mails, texts, and other messages from people who read my book. I could feel the emotion in their messages, and knew that I had created a children’s book that not only resonated with the children, but also with adults.

“Every Ornament Tells a story.”

Countless mom’s and grandma’s, dad’s and grandpa’s have come to me at shows or book signings telling me about their own collection of ornaments. They tell me of an ornament their children made for them, or ornaments they purchased on a special trip. With tears in their eye’s they’ve told me of the entire collection they have from their now deceased Nana. They thank me for writing the book, and tell me that they now use Oliver the Ornament to celebrate their own collection of ornaments, and hang Oliver right next to their own special ornaments.

To see first-hand the impact this story is having on families everywhere is something beyond humbling. Creating Oliver the Ornament has been a labor of love. One that was born out of the very special memories I have of my own family’s traditions. It’s wonderful to know that the traditions of our family are now becoming part of so many other families and it’s all because, as we say in every book, “Every Ornament Tells a story.”

For more information about Todd M. Zimmermann and Oliver the Ornament, visit Blog Tour + Giveaway: Oliver the Ornament.

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