Book Blast + Interview + Giveaway: The Boy Who Dreamt of Fire Trucks


Title: The Boy Who Dreamt of Fire Trucks | Author: Alvita Mack | Genre: Children’s Fiction (Ages 3-7), 26 pages | Publisher: Mindstir Media | Release date: Sept 26, 2016

Description: This story is about a little boy who is fascinated by fire trucks. Throughout his early life, he has dreams about the adventures at the station and the exciting life of a firefighter. The little boy holds his dreams close until one day they become a reality.

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Meet the Author: 

Alvita is a lover of writing, a teacher, and most importantly, a mom. Writing has always provided a creative outlet for which she finds sensible solutions. Having a son with developmental delays was very challenging for her. However, she used books and original stories to help him overcome the obstacles he faced at an early age. Alvita believes that the imagination is truly a key that unlocks the doors to an endless journey.
Alvita was kind enough to answer some questions for us, so here’s a bit more information about her…


Do you have another profession besides writing?  I am actually a full-time teacher in New York City.

How long have you been writing?  I have been writing since I was a little girl but I started seriously writing ten years ago.

Do you ever get writer’s block? What helps you overcome it?  I get writer’s block from time to time but when that happens, I take a break and I work on something else or do something that has nothing to do with writing, so I can clear my mind and relax.

What is your next project?  I am actually working on a book that features a little girl and her dreams. I am all about girl power. I think girls and women are phenomenal and we can do anything we out our minds to, so I wanted to have something for young girls to relate to and be inspired by.

What genre do you write and why?  I like right fiction because it allows me to explore my imagination.  A fun fact is started off with writing poetry in school because I was inspired my Langston Hughes. His words gave me comfort and I wanted to do that, but somehow I began creating full lengths stories in my head, so I ran with the idea.

What is the last great book you’ve read? The last great book I ever read was TRUST by Iyanla Vanzant

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Book Blast + Giveaway: Rescue by Susan Aylworth

I’m excited to be part of the book blast for the new adventure story from Susan Aylworth, Rescue. Read all about it and then enter the giveaway for a chance to with $50 via PayPal or Amazon GC. Happy Reading!

Rescue by Susan Aylworth

What will it take to stay alive? When Dulce wakes up hanging in a giant mapajo tree, she fears she may be a lone survivor, stranded in the Amazon rainforest. What comes next may be even worse.

The last thing sixteen-year-old Dulce Donovan wants to do is move away from her friends and hot new crush. But her parents insist, and she has no choice but to get on the airplane taking her to Lima, Peru.

When the plane crashes in the middle of the Amazon jungle, Dulce feels lucky to survive. But as she faces injury, disease, and deadly insects and reptiles, she discovers that the price of living is high. Injured and miles from any civilization, Dulce must push her way through a dangerous jungle, looking for any miracle that might come her way.

Praise for the Book

“RESCUE is exciting and fresh and inspiring. When Dulce is one of the only survivors of a plane crash deep in the Amazon jungle, she faces all kinds of dangers as she fights to survive. A fascinating insight into one of the most mysterious places in the world and a strong heroine that will make you cheer for her determination.”

“I found myself unable to put the book down. The story is well-crafted, with twists and surprises that kept me a little on edge, frankly–wondering what would suddenly leap out (or slither up to!) Dulce next. Aylworth cleverly weaves her considerable understanding of survival skills and of the native peoples of the Amazon throughout the story. I found myself mentally cheering Dulce on, impressed with her ingenuity at dealing with the harsh realities of her environment.”

“I really liked this book. It was very interesting how this young woman was able to survive this terrible tragedy.”

“For a time I just sit, my head pressed backward against the seat, my eyes closed, thinking of how desperately I don’t want to be here, how I can’t face this, how frantically I want this all to go away. But the minutes pass and I’m still hanging in the tree, recognizing that if no one has come to my rescue yet, it’s possible no one is coming. I may just have to rescue myself.”

“‘I am not going to die here,’ I say aloud. Then I shout it to the whole forest: ‘I am not going to die here!’ I grasp that little lump in the tree bark with my left hand, reach up with my right, and grab my toe, yanking it free. There’s a moment of elation until I realize my left foot is slipping. I scrabble with both hands, trying to find anything to hang onto, but there’s nothing. The next thing I know I am sliding, the mapajo’s slick bark slipping by beneath me. Then there is nothing but air.”

“I’m almost out of the clearing when I’m stopped cold. What I see looks like a thick, bright green vine curled around the limb of a tree. What I recognize is the ambush-hunting strategy of a pit viper, a seriously venomous threat. I know what it is because Chambi pointed one out on one of our jungle walks. Silently thanking him, I change direction. We’ll avoid that risk by leaving this clearing in an entirely different direction. Even as I think it, I realize it may be foolish; we could run into poisonous snakes anywhere. I’ll just have to be careful to keep a close watch on the foliage.”

“I’m home! I don’t know how I got here, but I am standing on the porch of our home in Santa Cruz and there’s my mother! She’s running to me and I’m running to her. She is saying, “Marissa! Oh Marissa!” over and over and I just keep saying, “Mom, Mom, I missed you so much!” We hold each other and cry and then …I wake up aching, wishing my mother were here. I’ve never missed her or needed her more than I do now. I have never imagined I would miss her or want her this much. The missing is so painful, it almost chokes me.”

Author Susan Aylworth

Susan Aylworth started her first book when she was nine. “It was called Buff, The Proud Stallion. I wrote eight whole pages.” For her fifth grade career day, she stated her ambition to become “a rich and famous author.” Decades later, she is pleased to have achieved the ‘author’ part of that goal. A former university professor, she enjoys researching backgrounds and careers for her novels. “It’s one way to live many lives at once.”

Susan lives with Roger, her husband of 48 years, who is also a writer. Although they maintain a home in northern California, they currently serve as addiction recovery missionaries in the Navajo Nation. Susan loves hanging out with her seven children, their perfect-for-them spouses and 26 grandchildren. When she can’t be with her blood family, she hangs with her fictional characters, the children of her mind. Rescue is her fifteenth published novel.

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May I Suggest…Giveaway Hop


Welcome to the Writer with Wanderlust stop on the May I Suggest Giveaway Hop hosted by Stuck in Books. I’m glad to have the opportunity to share some great kid lit books for this blog hop. May I suggest…

An Interactive Picture Book for Preschoolers – The Scared Book by Debra Tidball


In this clever picture book, children help to rid the book of monsters by flicking, blowing and smudging them away. It’s a sheer delight to see kids engage with the not-too-scary monsters in this story.

An Environmentally-conscious Chapter Book for New Readers – Lost and Found, Book 2 in the MySeaBuddies Series by Sharon Powers


The SeaBuddies Series brings together an incredible cast of sea creatures having amazing underwater adventures. In this, the second book of the series, the lovable sea turtle Fletcher helps save his friend from an eco disaster.

A Laugh-out-loud Middle Grade Novel for kids 8 – 12 – Dr. Boogaloo and the Girl Who Lost Her Laughter by Lisa Nicol


You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll laugh some more in this highly original, touching and did I mention funny story about a little girl finding her laughter through music. A delightful read.

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Then, please do hop around the other participating blogs to see more suggestions and enter some fabulous giveaways.

Good luck!

Blog Tour + Guest Post + Giveaway: Ralphie, Always Loved

 Title: Ralph, Always Loved | Author: Andrea Yerramilli | Illustrator: Samantha Van Riet | Category: Children’s Fiction | Genre: Picture Book | Publisher: About Something Good, LLC | Release date: October 28, 2017

This is the story of the life, love, and adventures of a beloved family dog, and how he delighted and touched his family and everyone he met.

Ralphie was born with a heart on his belly.

He loves food, his family, his friends, his neighbors.

He loves pretty much everything and everyone.

And they love him back.

And that’s how it is all through his life.

Read the book and fall in love with him too.

Rambunctious and hyperactive, Ralphie had already been returned to the animal shelter three times, but when Andrea and her husband adopted him and gave him a loving home where he was understood, accepted, and taught, he learned fast. As Ralphie’s human family grew, so did his capacity for love and the ways he could express it. He remained a loving and beloved family member who touched the hearts of the whole neighborhood until he was ready to say goodbye at the grand-old age of sixteen. Ralph, Always Loved will remind you of all that is good, and reaffirm your belief in love’s power to uplift and transform. Follow the tour by visiting Andrea Yerramilli’s page on iRead Book Tours.

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Guest Post: Signs of Being Always Loved by Andrea Yerramilli

When I wrote the children’s picture book Ralphie, Always Loved, the story of my dog Ralphie, instead of beginning from the point when I met him for the first time, I chose to begin where I imagined how Ralphie got to be my Ralphie. He was a black dog, with white paws, a streak of white on his nose, a white-tipped tail, and a perfectly drawn white heart on his belly. I believed that the only way he could have come by those markings was if he was up in heaven, painting clouds just before he was born. And I imagined that when his earthly life was over, he would go back to exactly where he left off. After Ralphie passed on, I imagined that he was painting clouds and found myself looking up at the clouds for signs from him. And I’ve found them: heart-shaped clouds. Sometime it’s the cloud itself, and sometimes it’s in the sky between the clouds that makes a distinctive heart. Ralphie’s first birthday after he had passed was extremely difficult for me. I was missing him terribly and remembered the wonderful celebration we’d had for his sixteenth birthday a year before. I could not stop the tears. Something made me step out onto my deck and look up at the sky . . . and there it was, two clouds that, together, were shaped like a broken heart. The clouds seemed to be a message from Ralphie, who recognized that on this day—his first birthday apart from me in sixteen years—my heart was breaking. I think he wanted to let me know that he was okay and that I would be too. Of course, it could all be in my imagination, but it doesn’t matter. These signs help me and remind me that I’m always loved, just as I’ll always love Ralphie. I truly believe that those we deeply love never really leave us. They stay on in our memories and are Always Loved. And I often see hearts in the clouds to remind me of that fact.

Meet the Author: Andrea has always been an avid reader and that jumpstarted her imagination at a very early age. In fact she escaped to the Land of Make Believe more often than her mother liked. 

She is a former marketing professional who is a mom to kids both with and without fur. Andrea says that it helps to have one foot planted firmly in reality while the other is foot loose and fancy-free in Imagination Land. She enjoys the best of both worlds. In 2013, Andrea and her husband started About Something Good (ASG) as a vehicle to curate, inspire and share goodness in the world. In a world where negative images flood the media, and words like “hate” get tossed around so easily, Andrea felt she needed a space that encouraged and focused on the words like “love” and the beauty that is life.

Andrea is committed to finding the good in everything and believes: that a sense of belonging to someone’s heart is what makes us feel complete, that kindness goes a long way, and that keeping your mind and heart open can help when things happen that you don’t understand.
Andrea lives in New Jersey with her husband and children.
Connect with the author: Website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook ~ Instagram


Giveaway: Click HERE to enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway for a print copy of Ralph, Always Loved and a $15 Amazon Gift Card. Open to residents of the USA only.  Ends May 12, 2018.