Guest Post – Author Kimber Fox Morgan

Bring on the holidays with this insightful post from kid lit author, Kimber Fox Morgan, about the inspiration behind the writing of a holiday themed picture book

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Chipper the Arctic Fox was first developed as a character in a holiday kit that I created for busy parents. Chipper would sneak into children’s dens at night to create mischievous displays of holiday spirit and various disasters. I put the holiday kits down for a “silent night,” as I wanted to focus on other aspirations. However, I didn’t feel like Chipper’s story was over. He, like myself, loves the idea of gracious giving.

Little acts of kindness can go a long way in someone’s day and life…

I have created a holiday tradition for my family that is all about “giving” before the “getting”. On Christmas Eve morning I challenge family and friends to take their families into the community for two hours of giving back. The activities can be small or big, and whatever works for the ages of the families. Options may include things like paying it forward in a drive-thru, handing out candy canes to neighbors, taking cookies to a nursing home, giving blankets to a children’s hospital, or feeding the homeless. The options are endless of what can be done. After the morning challenge, I invite everyone back to my house for a holiday open house to share their adventures and honorable deeds over cookies and cocktails! It has become a beloved tradition and is truly the inspiration of Chipper Makes Merry.

In the book, Chipper wants to bring joy to his friends who are struggling with the harsh winter. He sets out to cheer them up, but disaster strikes a few times. He eventually works together with his friends to bring the ultimate gift to Marta the moose, who is struggling the most. The story of gracious giving is something we can all do in our lives. Little acts of kindness can go a long way in someone’s day and life, and I hope Chipper Makes Merry can teach and inspire children to be a good friend.

For more information about the picture book Chipper Makes Merry and the author Kimber Fox Morgan, visit my earlier post, Book Review + Giveaway: Chipper Makes Merry, or visit the author’s website at

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