Booking Around the World: Furoshiki and the Japanese Art of Gift Wrapping

One of my most vivid memories from visiting Tokyo is being handed a postcard delicately wrapped in folded paper. That small, insignificant purchase was handled so respectfully that I felt appreciated for being a customer of that store….and still talk about the experience over a decade later.

Importance is placed on the thoughtfulness of the act of gift giving and choice of the gift rather than its value.

– Tomoko Kakita

The tradition of Japanese wrapping — from its origins to its cultural importance — is explored in gorgeous detail on the pages of Furoshiki and the Japanese Art of Gift Wrapping. From the significance of various colors of cloth to the appropriate shades for wrapping condolence versus wedding gifts, readers are taken through the rich history of Japan’s gift giving traditions.

Most intriguing are the beautiful photographs and step-by-step instructions showing how to wrap various gifts with intricate knots and folds. With detailed diagrams and notes including the size of the furoshiki, knot types and tips for folding, wrapping no longer is a chore, but becomes a meaningful part of the gift.

Furoshiki and the Japanese Art of Gift Wrapping
Tomoko Kakita
Laurence King Publishing

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