Abigay’s Farm – Assisted Self-Publishing

Fellow children’s book author, Odette Elliott, shares her experiences with publishing and how it has changed since her first books were published. Plus, get a sneak peek of her upcoming middle grade novel, Abigay’s Farm.

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I have had six books traditionally published. Some friends thought that this would help me to get my children’s novel ‘Abigay’s Farm’ traditionally published. However, it didn’t work like that.

I certainly tried. I wrote to over 34 agencies – very time-consuming but no luck. I received some compliments. One agent said that ‘sadly it was a near miss’. I knew that an agent’s goal is to help build up an author’s career.I might write other books one day, but my main aim was to get ‘Abigay’s Farm’ published.

I had worked on it for around four years. A good friend and colleague from the Islington Writers for Children – John O’Leary – had helped me to edit it. We worked on it together for around eighteen months. Then two other kind members of the group, Sunita Nahar and Stephanie Ward cast critical eyes over the…

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