Booking Around the World – Yinka Shonibare, The British Library

In the second installment of Booking Around the World, this thought-provoking and visually-stunning collection of wrapped books highlights British immigration in an innovative display

Yinka Shonibare’s installation of over 6,000 covered books is currently housed at the Tate Modern Museum in London. Its name, The British Museum, refers to its topic — immigration to Britain — not its location.

The books are bound in African wax print fabric and the names of first or second-generation immigrants to Britain, both celebrated and unknown, are printed in gold on the spines of 2,700 of the books. Some spines are left unmarked symbolizing that the story of immigration in Britain is still being written.

A website accessible from the tablets in the exhibit hall shares various articles on both sides of the immigration discussion and everyone is welcome to submit a story.

Tate Modern
Natalie Bell Building, Level 2
Until 21 February 2021

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