World Read Aloud Day – Feb. 1, 2018


World Read Aloud Day is just around the corner and as an aspiring children’s author, I love the idea of celebrating the joy (as well as many other benefits) that comes from reading together with a child. It’s also such an easy event to participate it — all you need is a book, your voice and some time. But if you want to plan something special, here are some helpful links to create a memorable World Read Aloud Day event.

First, why not register at, the founders of #WorldReadAloudDay and show your support?

If you are a teacher or librarian, check out how Microsoft is supporting the day with #WRADSkype by connecting classrooms around the globe to share stories live.

This year, World Read Aloud Day coincides with Harry Potter Book Night. Download the Harry Potter Book Night Planner for everything from games and activities, event space decoration ideas and even pre-made tweets to announce your event.


Authors can participate in Skype sessions with classrooms by signing up to Kate Messner’s list and being listed as available for short readings on World Read Aloud Day.

It’s not only about the kids. Join Care UK to find a senior home in your area and read or discuss favorite books together.

There are local events happening with authors and bookstores around the world. Check for local listings and feel free to add to the post with reading events in your area. Here are just a few to join or to find some ideas for your own celebration…

There is so much going on! I’ll be reading Lost and Found by Sharon Powers, the second book in the My Sea Buddies adventure series, with my six year old. Let me (and the world) know what you’ll be reading for World Read Aloud Day in the comments.

Happy World Read Aloud Day!



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