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The award-winning Pen Pieyu Adventure Series continues with the self-assured Princess Petra setting off to save her knighthood in the third book, Sir Princess Petra’s Mission. This highly original early chapter book series focuses on a princess who wants to be a knight. With perseverance, bravery and intelligence as well as kindness and loyalty, Petra conquers each obstacle in her own unique way to achieve her goal.

In Sir Princess Petra’s Mission, a new royal creed (dreamed up by her father, King Longstride) demands that Petra capture a car-panther or lose her knighthood. So, together with her trusty “steed” Snarls, Petra heads to the land of the Boogy Gobees to attempt fulfill her mission. But will old friends in need and new surprises make this mission impossible?

Book 3 illustration 12


I enjoyed Sir Princess Petra’s Mission in so many ways that I think a list is in order:

  1. Originality: This book is simply a breath of fresh air; a completely new take on the princess story.
  2. Lively Characters: Petra is a contemporary heroine stuck in a traditional role and a strong leading lady. Snarls the dragon and Bograt the bog witch are just two of the colorful supporting characters in the series.
  3. Language: Lots of zany antics and silly wordplay will keep young readers highly entertained throughout the book.
  4. Zero Predictability: Just when you think you may know what’s coming next, a wonderful twist will take you by surprise.
  5. Topicality: With so many YA novels touting strong, young women as the protagonists, it’s great to see younger readers get a taste of girl power.

As a new reader of this series, I worried that starting with the third book would leave me a bit confused. But thanks to the extensive summaries of book one and two at the beginning of Sir Princess Petra’s MissionI was able to jump straight into the story. That said, reading the third book only made me want to go back and read the first two books to understand all the details of this charming series.

I can see why The Pen Pieyu Adventure series continues to win awards, most recently Sir Princess Petra’s Talent (B00k #2) won an Honorable Mention in the 2015 Los Angeles Book Fair. It’s a charming, original, entertaining series that will have broad appeal to early readers.

For more information about The Pen Pieyu Adventures, including a free PDF download of Princess Petra coloring pages, visit:

Note: I was pleased to be invited to participate in this blog tour hosted by Sue Morris at  KidLitReviews. I received a free copy of Sir Princess Petra’s Mission in exchange for an honest review.

The Pen Pieyu Adventures #3: Sir Princess Petra’s Mission
Written by Diane Mae Robinson
ISBN: 9781681870724
Available at Amazon 

3 thoughts on “Blog Tour: Sir Princess Petra’s Mission by Diane Mae Robinson

  1. Hi Stephanie,

    Thank you so much for your wonderful review. The Pen Pieyu gang are all ecstatic and tossing balloons are around my library. 🙂 Thank you for participating in my book blog tour. I really appreciate it. Next book, The Dragon Grammar Book, 2016. Yep, The Pen Pieyu Characters are doing grammar.

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  2. Love this unorthodox review. The list is a wonderful idea. It really highlights what you think of the book. So glad you participated, not because of a positive review (that’s nice, too), but because you wrote a smart, thoughtful review . Thanks for taking part in Snarls’ tour.

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