World Book Reviews: London ABC by Ben Hawkes

81SRXuqGhqL._SL1500_I think I’m slightly obsessed with this little book. I’ve mentioned it before in a previous blog post, I recommend it regularly and I buy it for any child that has even the remotest connection to London.

London ABC challenges readers to locate items that start with each letter hidden within the retro illustrations. Think a hotdog and horse for “H”, ostrich and orange for “O”, all cleverly positioned alongside famous landmarks like Hyde Park and Oxford Circus. There is even a key at the end to check if you’ve found all the hidden items. The book covers a great array of classic London landscapes; a wonderful way to introduce this world-class city to youngsters.

Throughout the book, readers follow a lost penguin who ends up in the silliest situations, but finally finds his way home. So even though there is no story in a traditional sense, there is a sense of continuity between the pages which leaves me perfectly satisfied at the end of the book. And I think that makes for a fantastic ABC book.

Title: London ABC
Author: Ben Hawkes
ISBN: 978-0857531704
Availability: Amazon

8 thoughts on “World Book Reviews: London ABC by Ben Hawkes

  1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Lauren. It’s really a cute book that, oddly, I found in a bookstore in Melbourne. I guess you never know where you’ll find a little treasure 🙂


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