Guest Author: David Chuka

Creative children’s author, David Chuka has released a new holiday-themed book just in time for Christmas. Billy and Monster’s Golden Christmas is now available to download on Amazon.

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In this book, which is the fifth installment in his bestselling series – The Adventures of Billy and Monster – David takes a look at that situation we tend to face during the holiday season: What do we do when we get a gift we don’t really like?

Billy gets a golden pen from Uncle Leland from England while his cousin Bob gets a Monster truck. Billy doesn’t show any gratitude and his attitude makes his Dad mad and his uncle sad. An incident at the refrigerator while reaching for Grandma’s chocolate caramel pecan pie leads Billy to a world filled with snow and colorful monsters. While there, he learns about one of the most important things about Christmas.

I preordered the book and enjoyed reading this fun story with my toddler. A great story to read with children during the holidays. My review is included here:
My favorite thing about Billy and Monster’s Golden Christmas is that it aptly deals with an issue that faces all children (and most adults) at one point or another…receiving a gift you don’t really like. The story has a unique way of showing Billy that, not only is he not be thankful for a lovely gift, but that he doesn’t appreciate what he has. The author cleverly delivers these lessons in a fun story that children will enjoy. The details in the book, especially the uncle’s pants, are wonderfull and provide some humor for the adults as well. Great book for the holidays. And a fun digital title to have on an iPad or tablet during holiday travels.

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P.S. I had the privilege to be interviewed on David’s blog a few weeks ago and enjoyed answering his unique questions. You can read the interview here.

2 thoughts on “Guest Author: David Chuka

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  2. Hi Stephanie

    Thanks ever so much for sharing my book on your blog. It means the world to me.

    Do have a fab day and an awesome Christmas. Hope you get something you really want under the Christmas tree 🙂 Hugs and love to Wally and friends.


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