An Indie Author’s Open Letter of Thanks

Thanks Graphic

Flickr photo by woodleywonderworks

On the anniversary of the release of my first children’s book, I look back and see many reasons to give thanks…

Thank you to everyone who knows me and bought my book despite the fact that you had no idea that I write and/or don’t have kids in the age group the book targets. Your unconditional support and encouragement have meant so much to me.

Thank you to those that don’t know me but took a chance and read my book for reasons I’ll likely never know. I hope my little story met or possibly even exceeded your expectations and perhaps put another mark in the “indie authors aren’t half bad” column.

Thank you bloggers across the continents who agreed to review a debut book by an unknown author. Thank you for spending your time to read it, find something interesting in it and then share your thoughts with the world.

Thanks to the self-publishing industry for creating an environment that allows my ideas in the form of a book to end up in the hands of children around the globe. Just a few short years ago, this concept didn’t exist and I continually wonder about all of the words that have been written without a path to readers hands.

Thank you followers who constantly share comments and take the time to click on various buttons on my website to show me that you are there and listening to the occasionally interesting things that I have to say.

Thank you fellow authors for sharing your thoughts, trials and tweets. I have never worked in an industry where competitors are supportive and encouraging of each other. I wish you the best with your own writing and publishing ventures.

Thanks to the wonderfully talented children’s picture book writers that have created innumerable childhood memories for so many families. You are a constant source of inspiration.

Thank you to those closest to me who have listened endlessly to variations of stories, lines, words, comma placement, etc. and somehow been able to find something nice to say about it all. You have allowed me to pursue a dream and I promise you…the best is yet to come.

With warmest gratitude,
Stephanie M. Ward
Children’s Book Author