Guest Post: Previews of Coming Attractions from Joe Fisher, Jaye Boswell and May Jernigan

A sneak peek of upcoming books by Joe Fisher, the author of Rusty the Forgotten Fire Engine

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The Adventures of Rusty the Forgotten Fire Engine, illustrated by Jaye Boswell, was initially conceived as a three book series written for 4 to 8 year olds.  The first two installments, Rusty the Forgotten Fire Engine and Rusty Goes to Water World, are in print.  Next up is Rusty and Calliope.   Briefly the story is:

Rusty enjoys being the center of attention and in the middle of the excitement in his new home, the Rusty Always Saves the Day Water Park. Nevertheless, he does have moments of loneliness when the park closes for the day or for the season. Then, one day a new attraction arrives – the funniest wagon he has ever seen. Called Calliope it plays haunting melodies that seem to make the fountains dance in response. Jealous at first Rusty becomes increasingly infatuated with Calliope’s music and attached – in more ways than one – to the new arrival. Eventually, Rusty and Calliope are hitched by the Mayor Himself and (spoiler alert) they make beautiful music together.

Rusty and Calliope is in development with an expect debut in the fall of 2023.

Ospreys in the Outfield: A Sanibel Story, illustrated by May Jernigan, is a paean to what it was like to grow up on Sanibel Island at the turn of the last century.   A time when Sanibel was a tranquil, wild place when the baseball fields and the Sanibel School was the beating heart of the community.  Here’s a synopsis of the story.

Ophelia and her mate Oliver fly over Sanibel trying to find a place to nest. After several false starts the think they have found the perfect  place – the lights around the athletic fields next to Sanibel School.  Perfect that is until Little League begins when yelling boys and girls invade their home.  If that were not enough, foul balls threaten their new nest and young chicks.  Fed up, Oliver takes matters into his own talons, grabs a ball midflight and takes it back to the next.  What happens next just proves it takes a village and the Golden Rule to play baseball when there are Ospreys in the Outfield.

Ospreys in the Outfield: A Sanibel Story will be available in September 2022.  More information and an opportunity to purchase copies can be found at

For more information about Joe Fisher and a chance to WIN his first picture book, visit Book Review + Giveaway: Rusty the Forgotten Fire Engine.

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