Guest Post: Author Michelle Garyfalakis

The author of Kingdomless (Book 1 of the Evamore Series) talks about developing the voice of Raelle, the main character in her new novel.

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Finding Raelle’s Voice

Everything about Kingdomless screams 17th century, from the carriages, sword fights, and political structure. Yet in the midst of that backdrop I chose to modernize the voice of our female main character. I’d love to say there was a profound meaning behind this decision, but ultimately it is just the tone that came out as I started crafting this story. Something about taking an era of time that today’s reader has never experienced, mixed with the fantastical elements that come with this genre and then sprinkling in conversation or anecdotes that the average reader has either said or thought, appealed to me. 

…making Raelle’s voice similar to the average reader’s voice could help them more identify with her journey of identity and peace.

I suppose this is some of the freedom that comes with writing fantasy romance novels. As authors we can blur the lines between reality and imagination, which includes breaking free from era stereotypes or vernacular. 

Woven within the story of Kingdomless is the struggle of a woman trying to find out who she really is. I didn’t shy away from articulating her mental and emotional struggles along the way and how she chooses to find balance or recover from these experiences. I wanted to give readers a window into how taking a deep breath when they are overwhelmed or using physical exertion can be practical ways to resetting their emotional states.

So with that in mind, making Raelle’s voice similar to the average reader’s voice could help them more identify with her journey of identity and peace. 

One of my favorite modern twists that I added into Kingdomless was a game that the characters play together; two truths and a lie. This is something that is amplified in “Forging Hope: The Evamore Series Book 2” coming out on June 21st, 2022. 

For more information about the author and her latest book, visit Blog Post + Review: Kingdomless.

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