Book Review + Giveaway: Kingdomless

Title: Kingdomless (The Evamore Series Book 1) | Author: Michelle Garyfalakis | Genre: YA Fiction | Publisher: Self-Published | Release Date: January 2022


Book Description: The remnants of the United Kingdom of Garth, once ruled by the legendary Dynasty of Evamores are in the throes of conflict. Ten years ago, King Wren of the West discovered Raelle washed up on the shores of the Balour Sea, with no memory of the first nine years of her life. She was brought back to the castle and dutifully cared for and cherished by the king and his three older sons. On her nineteenth birthday, the Western Kingdom’s adoptive princess is secretly sent away by her stepmother to marry King Veras as a token of peace between the kingdoms. But, the Northern King has other plans.

As Raelle’s amnesia melts away with the help of a northern storyteller, she discovers more about the Kingdom of Garth, magic, the lovetie connection of the Evamores, and her role in the grand scheme of things. She is confused, angry, and curiously comfortable in the North.

A dark shadow overcasts all of the kingdoms, and the threatening influence of the fallen god Kellar seems to spread among the people, inciting disorder and violence. While the fate of the kingdoms may rest on Raelle’s shoulders, she can’t help but feel kingdomless. Betrayal is everywhere, from her own adoptive family to her newfound friends. Fearless, observant, witty, and determined, she is town between her attraction to King Veras’ good nature and the unexplained pull to the Tracker Calak. The challenge that she faces is not simple. As the old gods, laws and magic awaken, so does her own sense of self. There is a choice to be made, step into the role expected of her, or dive into the unknown and make her own destiny.

This YA fantasy novel asks the readers important coming of age questions, captures the attention with witty dialogue, relatable characters, and a world that is reawakening its forgotten magic. The readers will be entranced and hungry for more (and perhaps a piece of chocolate cake).

My Thoughts: This action-packed adventure begins when Raelle is sent away from her adopted home against her wishes on her 19th birthday to be traded in a peace treaty with the Northern Kingdom. While nineteen-year-old Raelle struggles with conflicting desires to go home or stay and discover more about her birth family, not to mention the distractions of a handsome king, a cunning queen puts the entire Kingdom of Garth in jeopardy.

With a blend of old and new, Kingdomless, Book 1 in the Evamore Series, brings the harshness and restrictions of the 17th century to a group of young adults with a decidedly contemporary vernacular. Raelle is coming of age while fighting emotional and literal battles which the complications of a love triangle aren’t helping. She has been trained to fight and is an expert with a bow and arrow, so although it’s essential for the fate of the kingdom to stay alive, she often joins fights and finds herself in the middle of life-threatening situations. More adventures await as the cliffhanger ending leaves readers with unanswered questions about the fate of Raelle, the magical leader of the Evamores, and her rightful kingdom.

A sincere thank you to the author for an audio edition of the book.

Meet the Author:

MICHELLE GARYFALAKIS was born and raised throughout Ontario, Canada. She currently lives just outside of Hamilton, Ontario with her husband, four kids and Snowy (their friendly Samoyed-Border Collie). When she isn’t obsessively typing out new stories on her computer, you can find her drinking coffee with a friend, snacking on some guacamole or binge watching Outlander (again). Michelle loves finding creative ways to communicate with people, and her passion for storytelling is the newest addition to that list. 

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6 thoughts on “Book Review + Giveaway: Kingdomless

  1. Beatrice LaRocca

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the Kingdomless audiobook, this sounds like an awesome story and I am looking forward to listening to it

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  2. Eva Millien

    I love the cover and Kingdomless sounds like a great book to share with my granddaughter, thanks for sharing it with me! Thanks, Stephanie, for sharing your review! Have an awesome day!


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